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I have left High school. I'm going to colige thats tarifying but thats not the worst thing the worst thing is that my dad is geting devorced from his wife (not my mom) and we are all wored he might relaps Im wored that i will never get out of my own way and let my self grow. I woread I wind up in det and alown. my parence call me unresonable in my fears becuse I only show them the good parts of me so they dont under stand what i ceap doing to my self I have no frends anymore I had one but lost them it was my falt for not droping a supget becuse Im a dumb ass that has to ceep talking. when I made this it was not supost to be a vent page but thats what this blog is rn i gess. 08 28 22

hello im fealing alot less salty than some of my old post. 03 13 22

Im back. my laptop wich hase the acount passwords was all scrached up so I desided to paint the lid and im bad with spray paint so i procrasteated it for a realy long time but Im back! hora 03 13 22

I dont whant to deal with these people but I cant make my self shutup. im in much better mental heath when ever I dont half to deal with them for a extended pereid of time. and I told them thare jerks today so now thare being even more anoying than usawl. I know i dont have a job or a car but thats cus i dont whant or need them yet and thares nothing I whant to buy that i aculy should. i dont understand why enyone whant to go to get a job ealyer than you need to its giving awy your life for monney for no reson. "BuT YOu cAN gO OuT wIth FreNDs" why would I all my so called "FRENDS" EVER DID WAS CALL ME STUPED AND MAKE FUN OF ME. Im not the smartest but i dont need to hear it. teens suck. 10 25 21

I dont like the people here. I like complaning thow im anoying and complan but thare blt with chese(im righting this in school).10 25 21

im home now it was fun to see fam but im better hear. Im not happy with the life im living so im guna make small steps to chage it. I am spite full to stuppern to people and give up to ezly on things I whant to do im a pesamist and ive been a jerk to people i care about. recamendashons whanted quadsplace@yahoo.com. im guna chage how i dress see if its a good catulis i mean i need to do that atlest once before i graguate high school right? 10 24 21

im in south caralina this weekend. I think I like nice cloths now 10 23 21